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We offer the simple, most reliable, flexible and easily adaptable HTTP API. This document provides a reference for all features available to you via the HTTP interface for sending SMS. The HTTP API allows you to integrate your application to FOOSMS using the HTTP protocol to send SMS, fetch delivery status and lot more.

GET or POST request can be used to access the API and connect to the FOOSMS HTTP interface supplying a list of required parameters. A response id is provided for every successful transaction happend through the API call. You are free to integrate the HTTP API to send SMS from any programming language like VB, ASP,,, PHP, etc.

The parameters to be used are:

username your_username
password your_password
api_password your_api_password
sender six letter sender id
to 10 digit recipient mobile number
message actual message to be sent
result_type result_type=2 to get both message id and mobile number as output
priority route selection (4 - Promotional / 8 - Transaction / 11 - Enterprise / 12 - Scrub)

Messaging API Formats

Format of HTTP API Call for Single Recipient would be:


Example (for enterprise route):******&message=Hello&priority=11

Format for a secure HTTP API Call for Single Recipient would be: (Recommended)


Example (for enterprise route):******&message=Hello&priority=11

Format of HTTP API Call for Multiple Recipients would be:


Example (for enterprise route):******,9895******,9895******&message=Hello&priority=11

A sample HTTP API Call for Sending FLASH message would be:


Example (for enterprise route):******&message=Hello&flash=1&priority=11

A sample HTTP API Call for Single Recipient with Scheduling (4th January 2009 at 3:30 PM) would be:


Example (for enterprise route):******&message=Hello&shtime=04-01-2009-15-30&priority=11

Format of HTTP API Call to delete scheduled messages:

*Any of the message id in the scheduled slot is enough to delete all the scheduled messages in that particular slot

A sample HTTP API Call for Sending UNICODE message would be:

Example (for enterprise route):******&message=unicode_message&unicode=1

DLR Status API

The response (message_id) you receive while calling the above APIs can be used to fetch the delivery status.

To fetch Single DLR

To fetch Multiple DLR's,message_id2,message_id3

Result will be in the form "message_id:DLR" seperated by commas.

Other APIs

A sample HTTP API Call for Enterprise Balance Check:

A sample HTTP API Call to display your Senderids: